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Appalachian Trail: US 206 to NJ 94

Trip Date: February 18 – 19, 2012
Trail: Appalachian Trail
Start: US 206
End: NJ 94
Distance: 34.9 miles

We started this trip at Culver’s Gap in New Jersey. We headed north which meant a immediate ascent to the Culver fire tower.

Culver Fire Tower on the Appalachian Trail
Culver Fire Tower

Next up we caught our first glimpse of High Point Monument some 14 miles away.

High Point Monument as seen from the Appalachian Trail
First glimpse of High Point Monument in the distance

Making our way to Sunrise Mountain, we were surprised to see a fantastic pavilion there. Sometimes not researching trips beforehand makes for some great memories.

Sunrise Pavilion on the Appalachian Trail
A view from Sunrise Pavilion

Much of the rest of the day was hiking over a rocky ridge with some decent views sprinkled throughout. We got really excited when High Point Monument was almost in reach. It was so cool to see it up close because we have seen it so many times from nearby I-84.

High Point Monument as seen from the Appalachian Trail
Getting closer to High Point Monument

It was also around this time that it started to snow. We spent the  last 2 miles enjoying it before finishing up the first day.

Snow falling at High Point Monument on the Appalachian Trail
The snow starting to fall

On day 2 we walked through a lot of fields.

New Jersey fields on the Appalachian Trail
New Jersey fields

And puncheon or boardwalks. Lots of variety here. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Falling Angel.

The New Jersey boardwalk on the Appalachian Trail
Falling Angel on the New Jersey boardwalk

This was a fantastic winter adventure. I would definitely not want to do this section in the summer when the bugs are out. Lots of swamps!

For more photos from this trip, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

Note: With our recent completion of the Appalachian Trail I thought it would be appropriate to write blogs for each of the many sections we completed prior to starting this website. I altered the post date of the blog so that you can view our AT journey in chronological order by clicking here. Read all of them and watch the progression from a couple of noobs to experienced backpackers over the course of 6 years!

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